The higher education sector is currently facing unprecedented challenges, and the ongoing Great Resignation has left many institutions grappling with staffing shortages. In the realm of Information Technology (IT), where skilled professionals are in high demand, universities and colleges must find innovative ways to stay fully staffed and address the evolving needs of their IT infrastructure.

In this blog post, we’ll explore insights from a recent EdTech Magazine article on the Great Resignation in higher ed IT and discuss how Solidan.Net’s expertise in PeopleSoft and Slate can help institutions navigate these challenging times.

Adapting to the Changing IT Landscape

The EdTech Magazine article highlights the unique staffing challenges faced by higher education IT departments. The Great Resignation has created a competitive job market, making it difficult for institutions to attract and retain skilled IT professionals. This shortage can impact critical areas such as cybersecurity, infrastructure management, and the implementation of advanced technologies.

Solidan.Net: Bridging the IT Talent Gap

Solidan.Net understands the complexities of the higher ed IT landscape and provides tailored solutions to help institutions overcome staffing challenges. Here’s how Solidan.Net’s expertise in PeopleSoft and Slate can make a difference:

  1. Efficient Implementation and Integration: Solidan.Net specializes in the seamless implementation and integration of PeopleSoft and Slate. By optimizing these systems, institutions can enhance operational efficiency, reducing the burden on existing IT staff and ensuring a smooth workflow.
  2. Automation for Enhanced Productivity: In response to staffing shortages, Solidan.Net offers automation solutions within PeopleSoft and Slate. This reduces the reliance on manual processes, freeing up IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine tasks.
  3. Custom Development for Specific Needs: Institutions often have unique requirements that standard IT solutions may not fully address. Solidan.Net provides custom development services, tailoring PeopleSoft and Slate to the specific needs of each institution. This flexibility allows for a more streamlined and efficient IT environment.
  4. Comprehensive Training and Support: With Solidan.Net’s training and support services, institutions can empower their existing IT teams to handle day-to-day operations with confidence. This is crucial in maintaining a fully staffed IT department, even during times of increased turnover.
  5. Strategic Upgrades and Maintenance: To ensure the longevity and security of IT systems, Solidan.Net assists institutions in strategic upgrades and ongoing maintenance. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions and helps institutions stay ahead of potential challenges caused by staffing fluctuations.


The Great Resignation has undoubtedly created unique challenges for higher education institutions, especially in the IT sector. Solidan.Net recognizes the importance of adapting to these changes and offers specialized solutions to help institutions not only cope with staffing shortages but also thrive in the evolving IT landscape.

By leveraging Solidan.Net’s expertise in PeopleSoft and Slate, institutions can enhance their IT capabilities, maintain operational continuity, and navigate the Great Resignation with confidence. To learn more about how Solidan.Net can support your institution, contact us today.

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